Creme brulee

Nie jestem pewna czy to creme brulee?? chyba jednak nie. Ale skoro już jesteśmy przy słodkościach..
to nie wiem jak wy, ale ja z niecierpliwością wyczekuje świąt także dla tych przyjemności. Słodkie far niente połączone z beztroskim objadaniem się domowymi lub kupnymi (nie narzekam) wypiekami! Obwód w pasie rośnie, ale przecież po to jest tyle dziurek w pasku, żeby można go było poluzować:) 

I'm not sure if it's creme brulee?? hmm...after a second thought I think it isn't. Creme brulee usually comes with a crusty brown cover over it made out of melted sugar. But anyway whatever it is it looks perfectly delicious! I don't know how about you but for me Christmass time is double pleasure also because finally we get to eat all the most mouth-watering cakes and any other sweet specialties baked at home or bought whatever as long as their good I'm in! There are as always some drawbacks because yes it does go into the thighs, waist, belly and all the places it magically shouldn't! But life's a bitch so it does! Anyway looking always on the bright side a belt has enough holes to simply loosen it up a bit during those days!:)