The Japanese studio Nendo is one of my favourite. Their design has been drawing my attention from some time so while sitting perched upon my pillows I started to think why and what makes it so appealing to me?

Color One for Mini.

Color one for Mini is an installation done by the Dutch duo Scholten & Baijings


Piet Bergmann - dutch performer and innovator of this temporary restaurant.


Today started the Milan Design Week which will last until the 22nd of April! Imagine a designers paradise and that's exactly how it is here during those days!

Sunday Experiments!

Yes sometimes I do get bored.. for example on rainy weekends like this.
Video: Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka
Music: Washed Out - Get Up
Edit: Kasia Jagiello 

The Way to Stand..

Have you ever observed in how many funny ways people stand when they are waiting for something or chatting with someone. No?! You've gotta take a look next time! Some for example push their knees back which makes their legs look like bows.:)