Piet Bergmann - dutch performer and innovator of this temporary restaurant.
He started a few years ago just to entertain guests and friends during the openings of exhibitions and art events all around the world, each time cooking recipes from the country where he was. Also the name of the restaurant changes but is always a play with the letters of his name. The dishes are certainly nothing top cuisine but made in front of our eyes and only from healthy and fresh products.  It seems like as if a friend is cooking for us on a farm-like styled kitchen display. I loved the idea! Piet himself is the Chef of it all constantly stirring up something in a set of pots in front of him. If you stand by long enough you might be lucky enough and even get a taste of what he is just preparing.  But what makes it all so charming is the kitchen counter itself - a simple trailer covered with bricks that serve as containers for potatoes, onions and other primary ingredients. Also the way the pasta is done is quit amusing - flour and eggs are mixed using a cement mixer like one of these seen on building sites. Another surprising idea - when your finished with your meal you can simply throw away your tray into a wheelbarrow from where it will be taken to wash.