Made for Sunny Days!

As I said before spring is officially here.

Spring is here!

Spring has definitely arrived and with it my favourite florist Frida is blossoming with the loveliest flowers I have ever seen!


There is a Vintage shop in Brera that I simply adore.

Yes Or No To Hats?!

A hat is something I really would want to wear.


Pastel Blue!

Pastel blue hair is definitely another choice. I was writing before about how I admired girls that are not afraid to experiment with colours and hair styles but this is something else. I don't really know if I hate it or in a bizarre way love it?!

The mini skirt!

The mini skirt! When is the time to wear it when not when you are young! Yes it's true when if not now?!

Fashion Queen!

Anna Dello Russo - another passionate fashionista.


From my amateur observations I have seen a lot of girls with the cool, dyed, blond haircut making them look not manly but actually really beautifull.



Red lipstick is iconic as well as the women that have worn it.