From my amateur observations I have seen a lot of girls with the cool, dyed, blond haircut making them look not manly but actually really beautifull.
I think you have to have the right face for it, delicate features, small nose, and a kind of character for it as well.  I "admire" girls that have the guts to experiment with their hair changing colours, hairstyles etc. I am a classical example of not changing anything since I dropped the fringe in the 90's. And another thing I've realised (yes soon I will be a fashion expert);) are fur collars. 
I've seen them everywhere and to tell you the truth I'm guessing they are fake?! Anyways I didn't see any Peta people around with buckets of paint. I don't really like the idea of fur coats in general for me it's to much wearing a dead animal on your back. The fur collar (fake) is something I could handle. It actually looks pretty nice combined with a coat, ads a little bit of elegance without going over the top. And I guess it's quite warm and nice to cuddle into.