Lunch with George Clooney.

I am on the 45th page of my 71 pages of notes from museology to go.. so yes looking at the bright side I am at the end..what's left in in my head.. nothing..or rather I should say a gigantic bundle of information..a scary creature with double arms and the head of the professor which will become the main character of my nightmares..

My dream break #2

My dream break today...would be having a nicely made professional manicure. If I have ever "perfectly" done nails it probably means that I'm on holidays.

My dream break #1

I've decided since I have nothing much more interesting to do apart from studying and being sick for the following month I will start posting here pictures-postcards about  "My dream break today would be.." and here you go for today it's...


Studying is one of the main reasons why lately I have abandoned my blog.