My dream break #1

I've decided since I have nothing much more interesting to do apart from studying and being sick for the following month I will start posting here pictures-postcards about  "My dream break today would be.." and here you go for today it's...
lying out on a sunbed right beside the lake. A stack of glossy magazines by my side even those really stupid ones that I pretend not to read (I mean actually how possible is it to read them you just mainly run your eyes through the pictures)

*and that's why you should have a whole pile of them!

At home I usually have to read them in deep conspiracy with my mom -
we communicate this way:
Me: Did you by "Them" (eye wink)
Mom: Yes "They" are already in your room (eye wink) , 
and all this just to avoid my Dad's usual comments about insulting our intelligence!

*that's why he secretly reads them in the toilet! hypocrisy!

But let's move on.. so I have my glossy, stupid magazines piled by one side a book I could read if I wanted too but heyy it's holidays might just stick with the magazines! I do read! If it's something interesting I would be sitting on that sunbed till there's no sun to be sitting out in! I know totally crazy! 

A bottle of water close to me because I am so into hydrating my skin with all this sun going around
 *I end up drinking just a sip because after a while it turns into boiling, warm water! Yuk!

After a while I feel already to hot so might as well jump into the water right in front of me. 
*OK I don't really jump in I actually carefully walk down the ladder like an old lady.
In this moment my dog, still left on the deck, is looking at me with such great jealousy I feel to guilty to swim.  But somehow I over come myself and it is..wonder full! The shimmering, refreshing water around me.. I paddle slowly leaving behind the shore dipped in greenery with the deck all soaked up in sun. My thoughts float away together with all the problems and it's just coming back that will make realise I have been somewhere else for a moment..