Lunch with George Clooney.

I am on the 45th page of my 71 pages of notes from museology to go.. so yes looking at the bright side I am at the end..what's left in in my head.. nothing..or rather I should say a gigantic bundle of information..a scary creature with double arms and the head of the professor which will become the main character of my nightmares..

Apart from that.. my blog is dead, killed and strangled by my complete lack of attention born out of my complete lack of inspiration..but hey it will come back!
I have already some interesting plans for it's holiday edition! ;)

So what happened with my great idea of making "my dream break would be.." well actually I could really do with one now.  I mean how long can this studying last for!?! It seems masochistic!  I'm done and fed up for this year!
*I have started watching photographs of people sitting on rocks in the middle of nowhere - that's how bad it has become!

But back to the dream break for today would be...going back to a small town called Brunate perched on a hill overlooking the beautiful lake Como.
I would choose a perfect sunny day, take under my arm a friend a book and hop on the train after an hour setting foot at the station in Como Lago Nord. 
Then my first steps lead me to the toilet to one of the first tabacheria's where I ask for a map..
* I am so thoughtful and organised who would like to spend an hour wandering about asking how to get to Como lake?! No one because the lake is right next to the station.. facepalm

The next I head for the funicular station which will take me right up the steep slopes to a little town called - Brunate itself. They say that you could walk up all the way but let's leave that to masochist's
* unless if your high as a kite like our friends from the funicular 
** I think I'm starting to develop a liking for the word masochism?!?

And here I am! Hello Brunate!!
*You can also do the little dance of joy..not advisable I guess if you like to be taken seriously. 

And how beautiful it is up here! Your tourist reactions are completely and  inevitably unstoppable
as well as shouting out : Wow it's sooo amazing!  are all totally in place!
The surrounding shades of greenery are the perfectly chosen frame for the shimmering blue waters of the lake Como down below. Picturesque!

The place is very quiet far from the touristy hustle and bustle. It's probably thanks to the fact that there are almost any hotels up here only villas of the privileged like George Clooney etc. 
Yes etc.. no he actually doesn't exactly live up here but somewhere in the neighbourhood!
* But I liked to pretend I could accidentally bump into him by any chance.

Another thing - I really advise taking a good pair of walking shoes - fancy red leather, thin soled boots and a 100 kilo bag in one hand would be considered as a bad choice unless your meeting George Clooney! 
* Who goes walking like this! Definitely not me... pff! 

So breath in the fresh air, take in the magnificent views and just..relax!
And don't forget about stopping by in the local ristorante on the way..we all know there is only one way left to reach complete paradise.. delicious food and a sparkling glass of chilled white wine!

Bon appetit dreamers!