Pastel Blue!

Pastel blue hair is definitely another choice. I was writing before about how I admired girls that are not afraid to experiment with colours and hair styles but this is something else. I don't really know if I hate it or in a bizarre way love it?!
Maybe love is to much, let's say I like it. That's why fashion trends seem to me so unreasonable and so surprising. How in the century of complete affirmation of the young and skinny, grey hair/grey blueish hair - old lady style, could become a trend and that it could actually look nice! For example this girl above really made it work for me! Maybe the answer are the clothes?  Usually I would be expecting a quirky fashion style rather then a sublime choice of gold and brown. Looks interesting? cool? I think it depends on how much we can push the boundaries of what we are used to and what we like.