Fashion Queen!

Anna Dello Russo - another passionate fashionista.
I actually knew who she was the second I saw her! Woohoo for me I recognized someone apart form the lovely Garance Dore! It's probably because it's hard to forget her incredible clothes and outrageous hats that I've seen many times on various street style blogs. She definitely is an eye catcher. This lady with a figure of a model (yes she is so so so skinny and has these perfectly skinny legs) is actually the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Japan Vogue. Her style is something else to me. Although I don't photograph people for what they wear I find her style inspiring as a work of art, that you stop to look at because you love the colours, textures and volumes. She wears fashion at it's essence, pieces designed strait for the runway shows. I couldn't get a good shot of her but after having a second look at this one above I realised I actually captivated what I wanted. Fashion queen sweeping through a crowd with a sort of a crown(?) on her head! You can feel the aura of devotion in the air!