Yes Or No To Hats?!

A hat is something I really would want to wear.
I did have my various attempts! I even have my own private mini collection (can you call it a collection - 2 hats?!?) but although I find them really cool .. I simply never ever wear them! I remember buying the first one with a confident attitude that now I will be a hat girl. My mom asked me the obvious "mom question" - Will you ever wear this? To which I replied with the "I know everything teenage voice" - Of course why wouldn't I ! My dad wasn't much of a help either he simply burst out in laughter asking me if I am planning to go on some hunting trip and then went down memory lane recalling his own first hat which he had bought while becoming a father. Dad am I not mature enough, is that what you wanted to say, duh?;) I stared at them with a "parents don't know anything" look, rolling my eyes, surprised of their complete lack of imagination. This little rebellion of mine happened in my teenage years which means a year ago!;) I take my time growing up! So why don't I wear them although they look so pretty, cool or funky on other people?! I think simply, because they draw attention! I feel as if everyone is staring at me wondering  - what the hell is she wearing on her head!  Stupid I know! So hat's or no hat's?

PS: I am not a teenager.
PPS: Yes my parents like to be my fashion critics.