There is a Vintage shop in Brera that I simply adore.
I fell in love with it the first time I saw it although actually I am not a special fan of vintage clothes. I am fine with admiring them on other people who have a style for it and definitely know how to make it work! But the shop is simply, utterly beautiful that's why whenever I'm in Brera (which means almost every time) I plan my walk to be sure to pass by it's doors and have a little sneak peak inside. And they never disappoint me:) Almost every week the window exposition is changed together with a new theme and a vibe given to it all. You can see that the place is created by a person who truly loves vintage and definitely is passionate about showing it to others. I am guessing that the madame of it all is the one always residing inside all styled up in a very unique way. One day if I get the courage in me maybe I will take her portrait! but for now only a little sneak peek inside!