Red lipstick is iconic as well as the women that have worn it.
The golden Hollywood era starlets wouldn't have appeared in public without beautifully painted red lips. My mom also has a set of different shades of red in her drawer which combined with red nails is the choice when wanting to look extra chic!

(I know I'm terrible, but everything seems to recall a story in my mind, so yes this post will be about lipstick?!? So shallow...)

I remember my first attempts, when my 6 year old hands would get hold of one of my mom's hidden lipsticks. Of course I would have half of my face smeared with it, not only my lips but also cheeks where colored making me look more like a clown than anything else! And I remember my mom calling me down for lunch and my disgust and surprise how eating meatballs with heavily painted lips tasted awful. In my little head I promised myself to never use lipstick again ever in my life! If I had any regard of the future at that time ;) Yes those were times when I would give my life away for meatballs!;) But now as a reasonable and mature woman which I am ;) I just love what lipstick can do to an outfit. Look at the lady in the photo above wearing a basic white t-shirt and grey cardigan but giving it all a touch of elegance by adding some vivid red on her lips. Me ♥ it!