Canon invited Japanese artists Ryuji Nakamura and Nobuhiro Shimura to create a very interesting installation.
The main theme is the Forest the title of the work - Spring.  The structure, set in the middle of a darkened room, is made of piano wires that are arranged in a sort of lattice form onto which images telling the story of the forest are being projected. It isn't a imitation of the forest itself but an expression of it's tranquillity. I have realised that projects done with light are becoming more and more interesting. For me it is as if creating a new reality subtle and enchanting. I am not sure if the video expresses what I wanted to show you but at least it can give you some idea of how it looked like. And here we go back to the Japanese sensitivity of exploring space not with our eyes but imagination. Enjoy! :)

Music: Avia - Why should I cry
Edit: Kasia Jagiello