When summer finally comes...I don't know how to get into the summer mood at all.
The laid back, countless hours of free time with not a thing in the world to do. 
No! The first days of holidays are definitely a nightmare for me. 
The only thing that comes to my mind when I am all free from things to do the rushing everyday pace of life the ringing telephones, filled organiser etc. 

*This is how I like to imagine my life looks like.

is finding a job! Yes, a part - time summer job in one of those cool design studio's with air conditioning, free coffee, giant mac's and people with cool eye frames (?!)

*Tried it. Cool but not so cool as I've painted it for you.

When I realise that maybe I am not a huge fan of being stuck around the computer all day as I am during the major part of the year.. I get a second genius thought! I should work in a restaurant!

*Lunch hour! And me trying to memorise orders when i am not even able to memorise.. how old is my dog!

So I get my third genius thought! Cafe it should be! I already get the vision of myself perched behind a counter of delicious cakes in a cute, not remote but not too overcrowded cafe right in the middle of a park with sunshine beaming through the windows! 
And actually I almost wanted to do it!  

But then I gave myself a break, left the city for an internet and TV-less zone. Slowed down and got my balance back and realised that what I was really looking for from the beginning..was a holiday. 

PS: Of course as always never take me seriously! It's probably my last summer anyway..