Just recently while going through some old files on my computer I realised that there are still a bunch of pictures
I took from design week that I never posted on my blog. Why?
Well the answer that will surely knock you of your feet is that I simply got to much occupied with describing each project which got me a bit lost and tired of it at the end. I am so terrible at being consequent at doing anything..

 *yes dad I admitted it!

This year I will do a better job!

*For sure I'm sure that I won't forget about this new years resolution! Sure?...

Anyways in the surrounding boredom...really Christmas are you coming yet or not?!
I  enjoyed looking through some of these projects from a distance of time.
So here come the series of forgotten design week photos for anyone out there who still hasn't forgotten that this blog was once alive! 
Peace, love and hope you enjoy it.