Shopping in winter

Shopping in winter is a real paradox.
Really common don't tell me you don't hate it. 
I mean ok maybe not the shopping part but the winter one. It sucks! Fashion dies for me during winter it doesn't exist and really if you would see what I am wearing right now you would understand! I mean not that in summer I change into a fashion goddess (far from that)  but I would consider my clothes more or less planned out. You could differentiate them during the week. Winter it's just a sweater there is no me. 
But there always comes this day when you are like hm maybe I should write my CV or go to the gym( not my case)  or print my portfolio etc. but then there is...maybe I go shopping.
You choose the only day when it's snowing out of the whole week just like me and bravely pick up the challenge of mindlessly spending some cash. 
The euphoria while buying it always strikes me.  Suddenly I think I am into grunge, Kate moss style or that I love hats when neither of both do I ever.. ever wear. 
Anyways the most important thing is to approach the shopping activity reasonably, a critic eye keeping in mind all the things you have in your closet not to buy another pair of beige pants when your already stocked up for the next decade. GFB - Go for black is always in my mind because I always end up with whites and when it comes to going to any evening venue I blacks.
Not that black goes only with evening but you get where i am going with this.
Mission number two the changing room - how many layers of clothing do I have to take off always surprises me.. no gym needed after four rounds of pulling your boots, tight jeans,leggings,socks than whatever else you want off..and when your finally done you realise that the skirt your just trying on would look great but in a smaller size pfff...
And do you plan shopping? Do you have like a shopping strategy? Like taking a round to all the shops you like and trying on all the stuff before buying them.
I always think that it would be a fantastic idea, impulsive buying is what I suffer from. 
I think I totally love a coat and buy it right a way when then I find something similar but cheaper in another place.
And do you ever have a list of things in mind that you want to buy? And does it ever work for you?
Today I was planning to buy a hat and a black pair of pants...(GFB mission) I arrived home with a pair of green pants a cardigan and a coat..although I have three coats in my wardrobe..but it was on salessss!!! Hello!