What next?

This week I oficially finished studying..
not counting one more exam I have left up my sleeve and the big scary monster tucked away in my closet - the thesis..
I can say I am done. 
Than why do I feel so confused.?
I am about to launch myself into real life and real life it is in all words.
Which means finding an internship..an unpaid job for young talents like me pffff
Actions I have taken in order to find one = 0
Days i have been postponing launching myself into real life = ... no comment
Studio's I was supposed to desperatly look for in these days = 0
Bad looks I have given to people who found an internship = 10 

question number one - if they call me that is the main point
getting the phone call is like waiting for the end of the world this topic i have discussed over to many aperativos in the last days. Friends rolling up eyes gasping at the amount of emails they have sent with no reply whatsoever .. cheers! 
You can feel the drama rolling in..
I'll just have to keep postponing and have another gelato!