Inspiring places..

Let me tell you about one of my favourite stores in Milan..Let me tell you how much I love when a store has it's own unique and charming character, born out of true passion, that is so hard to create even with the best crew of designers. I feel like giving a big hug to someone who created this place! Ready? So let me take you on a super brief tour around..

The shop Cavalli&Nastri opened in 1970 and is now located in three points in Milan, the one you can see in the pictures is tucked away in one of the sleepy streets - Via Giacomo Mora, just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Via Torino. Although I am not a big vintage collector myself I always treat myself to a weekly tour just to have a sneak peek inside..

You can find everything a women could possibly need, starting from vintage jewellery, sunglasses, hats, dresses, bags, and even shoes..The clothes span from those from the 18th century till the so loved shoulder padded dresses of the 80's.

even the floor is cute !

I was really curious were do they get all these treasures seems to be pretty simple.. If you have a unique and well maintained vintage piece you would like to sell, it might find it's new home here..

The perfect work space found! And the most cute little patio, blossoming with flowers, a refuge to catch some fresh air or have a smoke not to confuse with smog!

And in the center, looking from above The QUEEN Marilyn on her deserved place!
I can hear "diamonds are a girls best friend" somewhere in the back..

Have a nice day!