Fashion Week Surprise!

So going  back to what happened before/during/while we were standing outside the Gucci show this week finally tadam here it is - I simply met..
Garance Dore In a crowd of wannabe fashionista's, fashion blogers etc. which meant me feeling a little lost and outta place - I wasn't wearing a cute hat, super colorful clothes or incredibly high heels, and totally unaware what was about to happen in just a minute. It was then that two teenage girls squeaking with excitement made me turn my head to see what was going on right behind my back. And that is when I saw Garance, standing by herself uninterrupted, holding in hand a cell phone that she was constantly looking at - one thing I realized most fashionable people do! ;) Of course I acted like a classical groupie, blood rushed to my heart I saw dancing stars and in my head started a chaos of thoughts - is it for real or am I daydreaming?! - yes I may be sometimes a bit crazy! ;) I took her photo but as soon as I knew it she was gone, and so I rushed to Merve and in a high-pitched voice started babbling with excitement, nervously throwing my hands up in the air. I was glad enough to have taken one photo of her, but while I was in my super excited mode showing the picture I had just taken, there she was back again right next to me and the only thing that could come out through my mouth (was the classical groupie question): "Garance can I take your photo??.."She smiled back, asked me to wait for a moment while she shoved back into her pocket the invitation card and cell phone and as you can see above posed for my camera. The rest is to tell that I dozed of for about 15 min. without anymore regarding what was going on around me. To explain my excitement I can only say that she has been a huge inspiration to me as a brilliant photographer and blogger and a great example of combining both talent, passion and love for what she does. Maybe it does sound a bit cheesy but don't you have any personal heroes??